The Students : Authors of their own learning

Today’s students cannot remain passive in the face of their learning and simply take in knowledge without deeper reflection. Lycée Aline Mayrisch expects its students to become involved and personally invested in their work, that they are able to organise themselves and analyse their mistakes.
Consequently, teachers place a lot of emphasis on reflexivity, student self-assessment as well as different  working methods within their classes. They encourage students to talk about all subjects critically and implement approaches that promote communication, creativity and cooperation.

Since its beginning, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch is a one2one-school where all students receive either an iPad (7e bis 4e) or a laptop. This learning tool will be used in numerous classes and subjects. The aim is to be familiarized with it and to learn and use it effectively. The iPad is also essential when using the eLAML platform for homework etc.
The student is put in the position of researcher and teachers support them by giving them the tools to process information and solve problems. The pedagogical approaches taken by the teachers allow the students to be the author of their learning. This is most notably put in place during the project week.

For the 7e until 4e classes, Lycée Aline Mayrisch offers interested pupils the possibility to follow a “music and dance class” or a “multisport class”. The classes comprise students of the same age that share common interests.

The Independent and Responsible Student

The school also aims to support students towards becoming independent and active in taking responsibility for themselves and their work. Indeed, in order to face the challenges of today’s society, young people should have an active attitude towards change and innovation; they should be able to criticise, argue and communicate autonomously.
However, autonomous does not mean individualistic or selfish. Lycée Aline Mayrisch does not wish to make competition the main motive of schooling. On the contrary, the school does not believe that autonomy should exist without social solidarity. Thus, major projects such as “Journée de la solidarité” (Solidarity Day) or Cakeday are organised to support the school’s preferential project and the School’s solidarity funds.
Lycée Aline Mayrisch also raise awareness about our environment, ecology and global warming (LAML goes green, GIN, Sustainable Entrepreneurial School) and encourages activities through which young people develop values of respect, tolerance, listening, and equal opportunities (such as the Code of Life, the “Défi” (challenge), the Mediation Group and the Students’ Committee).


Communication and commitment are not only encouraged in the students. The school wants to open the debate and dialogue among the teachers and parents as well. The DRP (Department of Research and Projects) manages school development with all partners through consultation and training meetings.

Giving roots and wings to our pupils

The educational concept of Lycée Aline Mayrisch could be described through its motto “Donner des racines et des ailes aux jeunes” (giving young people roots and wings).
The teaching team who accompany the students towards autonomy and responsibility motivate them to take flight, taking into account two essential and inseparable tracks. In order to face the challenges of society today and tomorrow, young people need a share of roots that include a solid knowledge in different branches, skills, methods and values. Moreover, they will be just as much in need of wings which are the symbol of creativity, critical thinking and initiative.
Giving students roots and wings is the ambitious challenge that Lycée Aline Mayrisch has valued since 2001.