Welcome to the website of Lycée Aline Mayrisch!

Ever since its creation in the year 2000, Lycée Aline Mayrisch has become known to develop working together as a team and do foster a culture of solidarity, on top of its mission to transmit knowledge and learning. These values, together with fostering commitment and communication, make up the charter of our secondary school.

Right from the start our pedagogical team has put forward a common vision of our school community, forming autonomous and responsible pupils who should strive towards a lasting apprenticeship through consolidating the transfer of learning. All this can only happen involving the commitment of all the actors, internal as well as external, of our school, namely the pupils, the teachers, the technical staff as well as the parents.

The most salient characteristics of this pedagogical concept are:

  • strengthening the learner’s personality,
  • further training and education for our teachers,
  • a relationship of trust between pupils, teachers and parents,
  • the judicious use of new technologies in transferring knowledge and helping the young to socialise.

Our aim is to prepare the young people entrusted to us for the world of tomorrow, form committed citizens, make them confident and able to show solidarity, sharpen and engage their critical minds, foster creativity and working together among peers.

Lycée Aline Mayrisch is a hub of learning and exchange. We regularly welcome external experts, decision-makers from the world of economics, politics and science, as well as authors and artists meeting with our young people. Well-known pedagogues frequently share their knowledge and research with our teaching staff.

To put this in the word of the founder and the first headmaster of our secondary school, Gaston Ternes: “ In our present society, intellectual excellency does not only manifest itself in the numbers showing the scores of success; it is rather informed by the multiple competences the young acquire over the years, which strengthen their personality in order to prepare them for an evermore complex reality. This is the major challenge of our school for the 21st century.”

It is this challenge that we take up every day at Lycée Aline Mayrisch and it is this objective that I endeavour to pursue as the headmistress of this school.

Carole Chaine