Extra-curricular activities

The school offers students of all ages extracurricular activities on a voluntary basis during lunch breaks or after classes. In September, all activities on offer are presented at an activities fair, where students can immediately register.

BROCHURE 2022-2023



Sports activities take place every day of the week, either outside or in the school’s sports halls, and are accompanied by sports teachers. Amongst the activities offered, there are team sports like basketball, rugby, girls’ and boys’ football, as well as fitness and breakdance classes and other individual sports like fencing or trampolining, just to name a few.

Culture and know how

The activities grouped in this category allow pupils to discover activities that contribute to their personal enrichment and to the development of new skills such as: astronomy, video production, First Aid, reading and debating, theatre, music, dance and singing groups. All activities take place on school premises and for the majority of cases during the lunch break.

Personal Commitment – Get involved!

This last category includes activities that enable young people to actively engage and develop their talents. The majority are organised by external partners but are supervised by members of the school. They allow pupils to engage regularly and voluntarily as a member of the school and wider community.

Among these activities are the “Défi – Challenge” in the 7e, the Mérite Jeunesse, the Aline Mayrisch prize, the Maths Olympiad, the Model European Parliament, the commemmorative visit to Auschwitz, and many more.