The Aline Mayrisch Prize

Since 2013 the “Prize Aline Mayrisch” has been awarded annually to the students by the secondary school Aline Mayrisch and the Cercle des Amis de Colpach. The objectives of this award is to encourage young people’s initiative and creativity, and reward the outstanding commitment of individual students and groups.

The award is named after Aline Mayrisch-de Saint-Hubert who was known for her exemplary social and cultural engagement in Luxembourg and the rest of Europe. The ceremony of awards takes place in July during the graduation ceremony of seniors (final year).

Interested candidates are invited to send in their applications and CVs with a main focus on the activities they want to accomplish in Aline Mayrisch.
A jury, composed of members of the school’s head office and teachers, will decide the winners in the various categories.