The SePAS (Service psycho-social et d’accompagnement scolaires) consists of a multidisciplinary team (social worker, certified youth worker, graduate psychologist) whose objective is to encourage the best development of each member of LAML. Members of SePAS are at the disposal of students, parents and teachers for inquiries about school integration and the professional future of students at LAML.

The SePAS provides:

  • Individual support in case of personal, school, family and social problems
  • Screening and diagnosis of learning difficulties
  • The organisation of groups
  • Accompanying the students in their educational and vocational guidance
  • Implementing information, prevention and raising awareness (e.g. about substance abuse, health, sex education)
  • A link between the school partners (students, parents, teachers, official bodies)
  • Classroom interventions
  • The organisation of internships

The interviews are conducted in a confidential environment.


Caroline ASSA graduated Educator +352 2604-3905
Jean BREDIMUS graduated Educator +352 2604-3903
Céline GABRIEL Social worker +352 2604-3902
Lory NOVAK Psychologist +352 2604-3904
Anne-Marie SEYWERT Psychologist +352 2604-3901