Parents@LAML – a welcomed cooperation


Parent representatives

  • Per class, two parent delegates are designated at the first class parent meeting.

  • Their role is to encourage and facilitate communication between parents and teachers.They can speak on subjects that concern all or most of the students in a class.

  • An exchange with the Management takes place once a year, on the occasion of the parent representatives’ meeting.

Parents’ Association (APELAM)

With the contributions of their members, the association supports among others:

The APELAM Board is at the same time the Parents’ Committee of the school.

Parents’ Committee (CPE)

Its mission is to:

  • represent the parents of the students to the Management

  • provide support to student initiatives and projects

  • inform parents on subjects, developments and issues that are relevant for them (Newsletter, conferences, …)

  • to be at the disposal of the parent representatives

The list of its activities includes, among others:

  • organization of conferences, often interactive, on educational topics

  • publication of a newsletter

  • participation in the Education Council (Conseil d‘éducation) of the school

  • the submission of suggestions, discussion of school and education issues and a regular exchange with the School Management

Visit the website Parents@LAML (FR)