The Students’ Committee represents the student body and its interests and views on school issues to the   management and teachers. The Committee plays an important role in the school community: representatives of the Committee sit on the school board and can submit proposals and projects. The Committee organises meetings with the class delegates, workshops on current themes as well as the annual school festival. Its specific responsibilities are defined in the amended Law of 25 June 2004 organising secondary schools and technical schools.

Members of the Students’ Committee:

Co-Chairman: Sam Elsey
Vice Chairmen: Victoire Wennig, Manolie Clerbaut
Secretary: Alina Skrijlej
Treasurer: Andy Heiderscheid
Education council: Leo Kries, Juliette Ganschow
Alternates for representatives in the Education council: Rita Sousa Ribeiro, Marie Necsa
CNEL: Emma Fairbarns, Andy Heiderscheid
Alternates for representatives CNEL: Sam Elsey, Nicolas Boulot Haagen
Media Manager (Instagram, application SCAM): Tun Dahm, Alina Skrijlej
Survey Manager: Marie Necsa, Rita Sousa Ribeiro