Multisport Classes

„The body of an athlete and the soul of a sage – these are what we require to be happy.

I. Philosophy and Goals

Being an athlete entail acquiring body consciousness, thriving amidst a team, taking on challenges and, last but not least, braving the prospect of failure. To put it in a nutshell, sports provide our youngsters with the necessary abilities to face the hurdles of the 21st century.

Therefore, our students now have the opportunity to attend a sports class (7e and 6e). The project aims at promoting physical activity as a driving force for learning. „Mens sana in corpore sano“ is our motto. Our students should learn to combine academic commitment with a healthy lifestyle and varied sports activities.

The class comprises students of the same age that share common interests. Their teachers do not only take an avid interest in sports as well, but also support the students in their athletic endeavors. Regular courses are complemented by numerous mandatory or optional extracurricular physical activities, such as athletic competitions, LASEL activities, visits and traineeships.

In the academic realm as well as in the world of work candidates are increasingly required to provide evidence proving their commitment. Therefore, the students have to document each activity in a portfolio during the first four years of their academic career (7e-4e). This measure seeks to foster the students’ sense of duty by enabling them to take responsibility for their personal, academic and athletic development.

At the end of the fourth year (4e), each student will receive a certificate that can be included in their portfolio.

II. Required Profile of the Candidates and Admission Criteria

  • The candidate has to display in several sports.
  • Future students need to be willing to participate regularly in extracurricular LASEL activities and competitions that take place on Thursday afternoons.
  • After their admission in July, candidates are required to send us a resumé detailing their athletic endeavors thus far. They should not hesitate to list any clubs, competitions, interests or hobbies.

III. Organization of the School Year

  • Throughout the academic year, the students attend regular physical education and participate in extracurricular activities meant to enhance both their social and athletic skills. Physical activity should positively affect the students’ health.
  • Furthermore, the school, aims at creating a bridge between mandatory subjects and the students´s interests by integrating interdisciplinary classes that focus, for instance, on nutrition, human anatomy and training.
  • The official school program will naturally be thaught in its entirety. However, the school remains open towards interdisciplinary projects involving different subjects and disciplines.
  • The „project week“ („semaine à projet“) constitutes a considerable and essential part of our educational philosophy at the LAML.

During this particular week, our sports-class students devote their time and energy to a sports-related project. They may even complete athletic traineeships. The students are expected to actively contribute to the development and execution of their project.

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Contact:  Dominique Turping