7e : English / Latin subject specialisation

At the end of the 7e ES, the pupil can either opt for Classical teaching (with Latin as a third language), or Modern teaching (with English as a third language).

Pupils who choose Latin as their third language will only start English lessons the following school year, in the 5e. Regarding classes in the other subjects, lessons remain the same. During the school year, pupils, as well as their parents, are regularly informed by their teachers who advise pupils on an individual basis with regard to their choice of future specialisation. Only at the end of the second trimester do pupils have to make a definitive choice.

From 7e, the school also offers introductory courses in English and Chinese.

4e : Choice of Specialisation sections

The 4e aims to orient pupils towards one of the seven sections of the upper cycle. The pupil isn’t alone in making this important decision, which will also influence the student’s future course of study and career choice, and is helped throughout the year by his teachers, fellow students in the “cycle supĂ©rieur” and by the SePAS department. During the first trimester, parents are invited to an information meeting which presents the different sections. At the end of the second trimester, the class council offers a personal recommendation for each pupil. At the end of the third trimester, students have to choose a section.

The subject sections :

  • Section A+ : Modern Languages
  • Section B : Maths and Information Technology
  • Section C : Natural Sciences and Maths
  • Section D : Economic sciences and Maths
  • Section E : Plastic Arts
  • Section G : Human and social sciences

For section F: Music and section I: computer science, pupils change school after the 4e.

Video presentation of the sections
Information booklet “Les diffĂ©rentes sections au LAML”
Booklet “Que faire aprùs la 4e” (MEN)

4e : Work experience

During the Project week, the 4e pupils are out of the school on apprenticeships to make initial contact with the world of work. This week aims to help them in their future orientation and choice of section. With the exception of the musical classes where the apprenticeship has to be preferably carried out in the cultural field, pupils are free to choose their place of work. Beforehand they have to carry out all the administrative procedures independently, but they are helped by their teachers with job applications and CVs.

The apprenticeship usually lasts one week. To conclude this period the students present their experiences to the class. To assure the smooth running of the apprenticeships, the teachers in charge visits the pupils’ places of work and fills in an evaluation form with the supervisor on site (conduct, pupil’s interest level, punctuality, independence, integration within the team etc.)

2e : Raising awareness campaign for the right choice of study

The school organises an awareness campaign that should help 2e pupils with their choice of study. In the first trimester, the heads of school give the students an overview of the different possibilities they have. During the second trimester, they receive an overview of the different university systems in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, application procedures and the application dates.

Organised by the Parents’ Committee, the Centre for Documentation and Information on Higher Education (CEDIES – Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement SupĂ©rieur) and the University of Luxembourg present the deadlines and procedures for enrollment in university studies.

During the school year, teachers as well as the SePAS Department organise individual interviews with pupils in order to help and advise them. Pupils are strongly encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities which can help expand their CV and skills for their university applications. The school offers also a free preparation for the IELTS-Test (International English Language Testing System).

Once a year, the school holds a “matinĂ©e des professions” (professions morning). At this time, the 2e students encounter, in workshops and individual interviews, professionals of their choice. Since 2019 all the experts are former pupils from LycĂ©e Aline Mayrisch. They respresent a wide choice of professions like architect, engineer, startup manager, forensic scientist, physician, movie director, lawer, scientist, psychologist or artist.

1re : Bachelor / university choices

The final year is a decisive time in the life of each pupil, during which they will have to make decisions about their future direction. Teachers as well as the SePAS are present throughout the year to guide students in their choices and respond to their questions. At the end of the first trimester the school organises information meetings, in cooperation with the parents’ committee, that gives students an overview of the important dates that they will encounter throughout the year, such as registration dates for languages tests, as well as information to do with their future studies, financial aid etc.

Teachers also organise timely information meetings for students wishing to continue their studies in England, France, Belgium, Germany or Austria. The teachers listed below are available to students to help them in their administrative procedures (writing a CV, letter of motivation, etc.)

  • French department : Gaby Soares
  • German department: Anouck Friederici
  • English department : Christian Welsch

Download the brochure 1re gepackt – ech gi studĂ©ieren.

Here are some useful links : CEDIES ACEL CePAS

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