School trip 6e

Teamwork, independence training, knowing your own limits… The trips that the 6e classes go on are much more than a holiday. For six days, the teachers take students into nature, where they coach them to develop their social and personal skills, as well as challenge them athletically. The new experiences are described by the students, day by day, in a blog.

Classe neige 2020

Holzgau I – 2019
Holzgau II – 2019

Ardèche I – 2019
Ardèche II – 2019

Student-organised trip

During the “project week”, when each class works independently on a common project, the 2nd grade pupils go abroad on a self-led educational trip for several days. Students help finance the trip by organising food and beverage stands at school events or activities such as selling roses for Valentine’s Day.