Since 2020, LAML has been participating in the “Sustainable Entrepreneurial Schools” project.

This educational programme, which is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of the Economy and SCRIPT, is primarily aimed at promoting entrepreneurship at secondary school level and fostering links between the world of education and the economic and social world. It aims above all to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people, to develop transversal competences and “soft skills”, thus enabling them to meet economic and social challenges.

By participating in this project, LAML wishes to motivate its entire school community to develop visionary, ethical and above all sustainable thinking.

1) Projects/activities in the field of entrepreneurship:

  • Mini-entreprises
  • My first entreprise
  • Junior project award

2) Activities in the field of orientation:

  • Participation in the foire de l’étudiant
  • Project in 10th grade (4ieme) based on orientation
  • Post-Secondary school accompaniment for students in 2nd and 1st year classes
  • Presentation of curriculars for 2nd and 1st year students
  • Internships in 5G classes
  • MatinĂ©e des professions

3) Activities in the field of financial and economic education:

  • Macroeconomic workshops of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Concours boursier
  • Generation € Students Award competition

4) Projects/activities in the field of sustainable development:

Organisation: Sandra Thibeau, economics teacher