Project week

Once a year, for a predetermined week, each class in the school completes an interdisciplinary project allowing pupils to work independently and responsibly to develop their transferable skills. For this key moment in the school year, the usual school timetable is suspended to allow space for a more flexible form of teaching and learning, based on the acquisition of specific skills according to the age group of the pupils concerned. The project completed by the pupils is a collective class project.

The themes offered during the project week vary from one cycle to the other. In 7e, pupils work on topics connected to early childhood or fairy tales. 5e ESC classes often work on projects dealing with exclusion. 5e ESG and 4e ESC pupils take advantage of the week to complete work placements, while 3e classes organise activities according to their respective sections, culminating in artistic, economic or ecological projects. 2e classes organise and take part in self-organised trips (voyage autogéré).