Laml goes green

Starting this school year, our highschool has created a group which is called “Laml goes Green”. Its mission is to initiate sustainable extracurricular activities and to raise awareness about our environment, ecology and global warming.
Together with the other high school groups (GIN, Fairtrade lycée, sciences days…), we offer activities of three particular focuses. We respect the principle of “the less is more” and encourage collaborations of students, professors and the high school employees.
At any time, but particularly for our “project week”, we are offering activity packages, workshops and meetings for the professors and their classes.
At the beginning of the second term, we will publish a label called “LAML Green Class”. The classes can determine ten sustainable and ecological rules, which, if respected, will allow them to receive the label.
At the end of the second term, our “green days” will take place. Environmental and ecological subjects, such as the “zero waste” topic will be discussed in meetings, visits, such as workshops.
Finally, many more ideas will be implemented in the future like the ideas of a highschool garden, the “bike to work” challenge , the participation in the LUGA, workshops and visits for the professors.