Establishment project

The prephase of the school’s new “projet d’établissement”, entitled “Bilan et analyse”, was launched in September 2017. This project was born out of the need to refine the school’s profile after 15 years of ongoing development.

Considering the abundance of networks and measures implemented to promote the students’ sense of autonomy and responsibility, it has become necessary to verify whether the anticipated objectives have been reached, in order to be able to clarify and adjust our approach. Moreover, this evaluation should enable us to identify how all the players involved can optimise their daily investment in every aspect of the school’s duties.

To this effect, the working group called PE has been formed including five teachers from our school and is overseen by Professor Lars Balzer, a German specialist in evaluating school performances. They set up a survey on the different elements of the school’s profile, followed by a more differentiated survey for the whole school community as well as the current pupils’ parents and former students.