“The first goal of education
is (…) to encourage human beings
to become their own creator,
to come out of their shells in order to become subjects who choose their own future,
and not objects undergoing manufacture.”

Albert Jacquard, taken from “L’héritage de la liberté”

Welcome to Lycée Aline Mayrisch’s website!

Our site is regularly updated to keep our school stakeholders and visitors informed about all matters concerning training, education and school life.

Since its creation in 2000, Lycée Aline Mayrisch has embraced a shared vision, that of the independent and responsible student. We live up to this maxim on a daily basis thanks to the indisputable dynamism of all our collaborators. The three essential characteristics of our educational approach are:

  • Strengthening the characters of our learners
  • The ongoing training of teachers
  • The relationship of trust between pupil, teacher and parent.

Our ambition is to shape young people who are independent and responsible, equipped with a critical mind, open to innovation and capable of initiative and commitment across a multitude of projects. To fuel this ambition, we offer – by means of a progressive school development programme and continuous evaluation of school quality – customised courses and teaching techniques, personalised supervision, the learning of transferrable skills, and training in the skilful use of information and communication tools.

By regularly inviting external experts from the world of education, politics and cultural development, we create an opportunity to view the many aspects of our constantly changing world, where the young person is overwhelmed by a flow of information and images, which they have to learn to decipher wisely. For this reason, we focus particularly on media education and conflict resolution, but also on teaching numerous modern languages.

In today’s society, intellectual excellence is not only demonstrated by marks of success expressed in numbers, but above all it is characterised by the multiple skills that young people acquire over the years, skills which strengthen their character in order to prepare them to face an increasingly complex reality; this is the major challenge of the 21st century school.

Gaston Ternes

Headmaster of Lycée Aline Mayrisch