Model European Parliament (MEP)

The Model European Parliament (MEP) is a leadership programme for youths (16 to 19-year-olds) from the 28 EU member states, both from candidate and applicant countries.

The MEP programme simulates the work of the European parliament and its aim is to motivate Europe’s decision-makers of tomorrow to jointly address and solve current and high-level issues.

The MEP educates young people at secondary-school level about European integration and co-operation and aims to develop their understanding of common issues, as well as teach them about EU institutions. The programme develops political awareness and an understanding of Europe’s cultural diversity, the European Citizenship and the culture of constructive debates through an innovative methodology that promotes essential skills for their future.

Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg is the coordinating MEP school in Luxembourg and organiser of the annual Luxembourg national MEP session. Our students also actively take part in international MEP sessions (iMEP/Western MEP).