The school’s committee

Each school creates a school’s committee. Its functions are:

  • to represent the staff with management, with the Minister and with the Students’ Committee and Parents’ Committee;
  • submit proposals to the Director on all matters related to teaching and education within the school;
  • to make proposals concerning the training of personnel;
  • to issue general recommendations for the allocation of teaching duties, supervision and support of students;
  • prepare the representatives’ decisions for the Board of Education (Conseil d’Éducation);
  • organising cultural and social activities.

The director meets with the school’s sommittee whenever it requests to do so. It communicates all of the information related to its various functions, as well as information about ongoing staff training.

The school’s committee is elected by the staff. It appoints representatives to the Board of Education.

The school’s committee in each school defines its own internal rules of procedure.

The school’s committee consists of:

  • Marc Haustgen
  • Laurent Hettinger
  • Marc Heyart
  • Danièle Molitor
  • Marie-Claire Nickles
  • Angela Nies