The building is divided between 5 different levels accessed by stairs and 2 lifts at each end of the school. The school offers the following rooms :

Main Building

  • 62 classrooms
  • 21 Special rooms for physics, chemistry, biology, art, computer science, music and media
  • 5 workshops for wood, metal, electric, screen printing (Sérigraphie) and Tailoring
  • Offices, conference and study rooms
  • 1 cafeteria
  • Jacky Antoine Examination Hall

Sports area

  • 1 sports hall, divides into three sports rooms
  • 1 indoor swimming pool, also used by other schools and clubs
  • 1 cafeteria (a second one)


  • Self-service canteen, also used by other schools
  • Auditorium – rented by LAML for large events
  • Covered parking, available at school events for the public

Access is via the Boulevard Dupong, also from the service road of the Campus running along the school and leading to the International School of Luxembourg (ISL).

porte ouverte